A Journey Through Advent

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december, 2018

02decalldayAdvent Day 1Light the first candle

04decalldayAdvent Day 3Prepare the way

05decalldayAdvent Day 4Share with someone

06decalldayAdvent Day 5The Beauty of Creation

07decalldayAdvent Day 6The gifts God has given us

08decalldayAdvent Day 7Spread God's Love by caroling

09decalldayAdvent Day 8Feed the hungry

10decalldayAdvent Day 9Share a smile

11decalldayAdvent Day 10Take time to Pray

12decalldayAdvent Day 11Write a note of thanks

13decalldayAdvent Day 12Pray for people in need

14decalldayAdvent Day 13Mary's Magnificat

15decalldayAdvent Day 14Stock the food pantry

16decalldayAdvent Day 15Take time to become centered.

17decalldayAdvent Day 16Tell someone...

18decalldayAdvent Day 17How is God speaking to you?

19decalldayAdvent Day 18Donate travel size toiletries

20decalldayAdvent Day 19Where was God today?

21decalldayAdvent Day 20Sharing Love with the world

22decalldayAdvent Day 21I am thankful for...

23decalldayAdvent Day 22What gives you peace?

24decalldayChristmas EveCome and worship