Sunday School

3 Year Old - Grade 5

Making Memories: Past, Present, and Future

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Send pictures of your children and family participating in Sunday School and/or their completed projects to

As people of God, we are called to grow each day in the faith we share.

Weekly Sunday School Lesson Notes

The lesson this week is about David being anointed as king, which is based 1 Samuel 16:1-13. Though David was the youngest of 8 siblings, God chose him to be king. God's choice may have been surprising because of David's age, but this story displays how God looks inside one's heart, not judging by one's outward appearance.

Advent Wreaths and Christmas Ornaments

We will be making Advent wreaths and Christmas ornaments at the November and December Sunday School Gatherings respectively. Saint Luke will supply families with the needed materials in a craft kit. Families should have received and email a link from Melissa Groen with a related link for sign up for those wanting to complete the craft via the Zoom Sunday School Gathering or with their family at home. If you need more information about this, email Melissa Groen at

Can you help make Thanksgiving cards for the clients of the Food Pantry?

Since we cannot work together to set out food for the Thanksgiving Baskets the Food Pantry gives away each year, I am looking for families that are able and willing to make Thanksgiving cards to give to clients as a personal touch from the church and community? If you could make 1, 2, 3, 10, or more cards, let Melissa Groen know. The cards are due to Melissa Groen by November 8.

Faith Formation Options for Children

1. Sunday School is held every at 10:15 a.m. every Sunday via Zoom, except for some holidays. I will email parents log in information so the children can participate. Check your email for more information about registering for Sunday School for this fall. Let me know if you did not receive any information or have trouble logging on.

2. You can use the "Faith At Home" lesson below, which is a self-standing lesson specifically designed for parents to use at home with their children.

3. Posted and link below are a coloring page, leader guide, and video from Whirl Sunday School, which will be used in the weekly virtual Sunday School class. Parents can use these resources as a guide to talk to their children about the highlighted story.

**Important Note: Both the Faith At Home and Whirl lessons will be posted by each Thursday so that parents can use the resources at a time that makes the most sense for their children and family, especially in case a family decides they need a screen time break and will not be at Sunday School that week. Parents will need to log in/create a log in to see these resources due to copyright laws. If you have trouble with the log in, please let me know so I can help troubleshoot the problem.

Close in prayer:

Dear Lord,
Create in me a clean heart and I pray that my actions match what is in my heart.
Thank you for giving us Jesus as an example of your love and grace.

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