Dr. Guillermo Hansen is Professor of Global Christianity, Societies and Cultures and Martin Luther King Chair for Justice and Christian Community at Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul, MN. A native of Argentina, Dr. Hansen served as director of post-graduate and doctoral studies at Ecumenical Theological University in Buenos Aires (2003-2008) and vice president of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Argentina and Uruguay. Hansen received the Master of Divinity degree from Ecumenical Theological University in Buenos Aires (1986), the Master of Sacred Theology degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio (1988), the Master of Theology degree (1990) and the Doctor of Philosophy degree (1995) from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC). He also served as a theological advisor to the Department of Theological Studies in the Lutheran World Federation (1997-2003). Among his many articles are R. Kr├╝ger, ed., Para que puedan resistir: las Iglesias luteranas latinoamericanas frente a la globalizaci├│n neoliberal y la deuda externa (Buenos Aires: Lutheran World Federation and Ecumenical Theological University 2004) and Neoliberal Globalization: A Casus Confessionis?, in Karen Bloomquist, ed., Communion, Responsibility, Accountability: Responding as a Lutheran Communion to Neoliberal Globalization (Geneva: Lutheran World Federation, 2004).

Topic: When Governments and Politicians Fail - Citizenship Formation and the Role of the Church